Q: How is life?

A: I’m surviving…

Survival’s connotation has departed from eager action to morbid idleness.

Survival is no longer an exciting journey, but a dreadful responsibility. 

It is a crying shame!

Remember Jeff Probst? Come on, we all watched the tremendous show “Survivor.” Mark Burnett produced a masterpiece, placing random and diverse strangers on an island and implemented contests and events that revealed the true nature of “surviving.”

Survivor was strategic, gritty, nefarious, but mostly ambitious. Physical strength may have aided as an advantage for some events, but it was the strength and endurance of the mind that prevailed to be victorious.

It was the vision, the mentality, the execution to do whatever it took to survive!

This new idea of “survival” has cultivated millions of self-help strategies. It has created a therapeutic worldview that has a pulse in pursuing self-realization.

Discovering self, or modifying a means in order to fulfill an identity, will continue to be an endless chase of a fictional shadow.

We are now bewitched by psychological survival.

Substance abuse and addiction seem to be the coping strategy for this mindset for many people.

Drugs and alcohol seem to take away this negative connotation…temporarily.

We have to get to the root. It is at the core of culture.

Do not be deceived by the quick fix of drugs, rather, embrace the excitement within survival. We may not know what tomorrow will bring, for we are a vapor in the course of history. Let us all be impactful vapors that pierce faith and love into the darkness of addiction.

We will survive with a direction. We will survive with a hope.